SKIN TONE SAVIOUR! Antheia Liquid Micro Peel

How many times a day do we say.. I'm too busy... I don’t have time. That, my gorgeous friends is why we need multi tasking products in our beauty routines! 

The ANTHEIA Liquid Micro Peel is a gentle yet powerful body peel that instantly removes your dead skin cells and leaves you with a radically improved skin tone in minutes!

Specifically designed for straight after removing your fake tan AND for your staple pre tan prep exfoliation.

If we take five for a minute and think about it, we wear fake tan, body creams,sunscreen AND we get out there in the world in the environment, pollution, eat and drink a few naughties and of this activity layers into your most precious and largest organ of your body, your skin! This contributes to a dull, uneven tone and worse, it will eventually be ageing.

This philosophy is the absolute reason we developed for beauty aficionados a little miracle in a bottle that you can whip out once a week and enjoy the satisfying act of seeing your dead skin cells fall off right in front of your eyes!

Our Saviour in a bottle is the perfect blend of science and nature, packed with potent botanical extracts and AHA's. Not to get too technical on you but when you regularly remove dead skin in the RIGHT way all if that build up is removed and it allows your moisturisers and serums to penetrate easier AND allows a fresh fake tan to look perfectly even!

Now just to manage your expectations... This is what you will be experiencing 

Improved skin tone and texture  

✔️Younger more brighter looking skin

Balanced PH and moisture levels

✔️Restored skin after tan removal

✔️Perfect pre tan prep 

✔️Easy, even skin tone for pre tanning 

✔️Refined pores 

✔️Boosted collagen production and softens fine lines

* Hot tip ~ Wipe away dead skin with our ANTHEIA Muslin Cloth or a warm face washer