Your wedding day spray tan plan

Your wedding day spray tan plan - lets DO THIS ! 

Your wedding day spray tan is quite possibly the most important spray tan of your life! The details that go into the big day from the dress,hair and make up to photos and videography are incredible. There is no room for a patchy looking spray tan here!

The good news is that you normally have plenty of notice for your beauty preparation. With this in mind I have have created an easy fool proof system for you to glow all day without even a glimpse of a disaster that you have to live with in photos for the rest of your life. Yes! I've seen it a thousand times and I am committed to help you.

Here we go!

1. Invest in your ANTHEIA kit. Yes I am plugging our product but the truth is, that's why we created it. I have witnessed too many fake tan fails on the wedding day and this is a saviour for any fake tanner.

2. PREP! Use the Liquid Micro Peel to gently remove any dead skin cells from your entire body. Take your time and massage it all over, the more dead skin you remove, the more even and natural your tan will be.

3. Lather up from head to toe with your favourite moisturiser. Triple layer any areas that you have noticed that are extra dry.

4. Book yourself in wedding spray tan trial at your local salon or ask for a recommendation.

Now, what is important here is that this is a great excersise if you have never spray tanned before or very often BUT it is still really important If you spray tan regularly because communicating to your salon that this is your wedding tan is imperative. In my opinion your wedding spray tan is usually a much better look if you have a light even glow and not particularly as dark as your summer holiday or girls night out party dress tan. Again, make sure that you make the salon aware when you book that it is your wedding spray tan trial. Most professional salons are used to this request and they will help guide you.

My recommendation is to go light to medium, asking them to go more on the lighter side. You don't want to look back on your wedding photos and cringe if it is too dark for your comfort zone. The trick is that you are naturally glowing and dewy against your white dress!

5. Analyse your tan and ask your bridesmaids. Ask yourself, am I even? Would I like to go darker or lighter? If you feel too dark, not to worry! Grab your ANTHIEA kit and bring your tan down a shade (hyper link to web here) 

Once you have done this, take a few photos when you are happy with the look and make a note to talk to your beauty therapist about your session.

If you are too light, be assertive and tell them that you feel too light and just want to be a touch darker and if you feel too dark ask for a shade or two lighter. This is the point of a trial, you are ‘workshopping’ your glow.

6. Book your wedding day spray tan for two days out from your wedding date. This will give the tan the correct amount of time to develop AND it will be fresh.

7. Leading up to your final wedding tan appointment, use your Liquid Micro Peel again, moisturise and drink a lot of water, having hydrated skin is always good for an even skin tone and helps the tan to blend off easier as well as your skin looking dewy.

8. Off you go to get your wedding spray tan. Wear an oversized cotton dress and just pre wash in plain water with no soap or deodorant. Green armpits are not a good look.

9. Get home and walk around in your birthday suit until you reach the discussed development time.

10. Shower and triple up your moisturiser and water consumption routine. Stay out of chlorine and don't use harsh products. Just simple soap, moisturiser and a sensitive skin deodorant.

Note - have your ANTHEIA kit handy on the wedding day incase you need it for your bridesmaids for bringing someone's tan down a shade or correcting wrists or patchy areas.

Enjoy your princess moment and glow! 

Love Brie xo