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The ANTHEIA journey began in the early 2000s when a professional make up artist noticed that it had become the norm to sport stained wrists, ankles and a streaky complexion. What used to be a culture of classic skin, sunbaking or the occasional self tan in a bottle turned into a fake-tan revolution, people started to want the golden glow all year round and combined with the growing awareness of skin cancer, spray tan salons opened throughout the world. Suddenly she was swamped with high profile clients calling her in tears from the bathtub, trying to scrub off their fake-tans using abrasive mitts and chemicals like bleach and household cleaners. It was a nightmare, she couldn’t believe that we were living in a world obsessed with getting tan on with no effective solutions to getting it off!

After years of attempting to help clients with all kinds of home remedies, research and trial and error, it was evident that something needed to be done. The final straw was following a major photo shoot when a ten-hour computer session was needed to retouch patches and red-raw skin thanks to fake-tan removal gone wrong.

The world needed a tan remover that worked!

After years of testing and formulating, ANTHEIA – The World’s First Express Fake Tan Remover became a reality. In 2015, ANTHEIA’s Essential Kit launched into the market and the team realised their vision – to provide women and men around the world with an Express Fake Tan Remover that actually works AND they teamed it up with a miracle skin rejuvenation product that retores your skin post removal AND is the perfect pre tan prep!


We believe that EVERY WOMAN is a goddess. We stand for our goddesses’ FREEDOM.

We are authentic people that make products for PEOPLE.

Our products are blended with the finest natural ingredients to honour and protect how precious your skin is.

We want you to look and feel like the goddess that they are. YOU deserve it.

We believe that your skin is your best work of art. Treat it kindly.

We believe that preparing your skin before fake tanning and between tans is an essential.

We promise that you will never have to walk around with fake tan build up or patchy looking skin between tans again.

We promise that you will never change a date because your skin is not glowing and fabulous AGAIN.

We promise to give you your time back. We want you to do whatever you want with your time! No more hours of scrubbing and soaking!

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