Clear skin never felt so good thanks so much ANTHEIA, I love my liquid micro peel

Ella Rose Corby


DANG ANTHEIA! That peel is the best product I’ve ever tried and I’m like the skincare guru ! Seriously instantly amazing ! I have been following ANTHEIA since the beginning and I am so impressed with this Australian brand.

I have to rave about the ANTHEIA LIQUID MICRO PEEL ! I’ve had extensive knowledge and have been working in the Industry of Beauty and skincare from a young age. I’ve trialled, tested and used pretty much everything on the market you can imagine . Skin is important to me , having a fresh face , healthy skin is what keeps me moving everyday. If my Skin and my gut doesn’t feel good I don’t leave the house!! This gem of a product is AMAZING! It is 100% Botanical and Animal Cruelty Free which is so important ! I’m sharing this because I support great brands and I believe its a great product and I think that you all out there need it for your skin! You can see it working while you use it! I WAS LITERALLY GLOWING! My face felt clean and not that squeaky clean but a hydrated clean . I use it once a week and and my skin feels soft for days .

Bless my mum, she taught to take care of my skin from a wee age , and I never sleep or wake without cleaning my skin , I eat right for my skin and when I come across a great product I share it!

So , well done to the ANTHEIA TEAM I’m proud as punch and so happy that you’ve created this product!

Jasmine Beaver


The liquid Micro Peel is great! I love it! I’m using it once a week on my face and my skin literally feels clearer and cleaner after it – like it sheds off all the layers of weekly make up, pollution, sunscreen etc! I usually do it just before bed and then sleep in a Rosehip or jojoba oil.

Sarah Gray


I literally forgot what my natural skin looks like. As someone that wears fake tan all the time it takes me hours to remove it – and even still with all the scrubbing and products in the world I’m still left with staining and dry looking skin. Antheia quite literally takes the pain out of removing my fake tan. What’s most gross is the muslin cloth! (Which actually usually works better than any exfoliating gloves I’ve used in the past).

Weekly Tanner


I would normally not even consider tanning until I saw this product and the video. I thought to myself, if I can get rid of my tan without experiencing those ugly days of patchy skin I will tan more often! Sure enough it does exactly what it claims and I couldn’t be happier. I only tan for special occasions now but it gives me a little glowing boost and I love the way it looks in certain dresses. I like to keep the Muslin cloth by popping it in the wash and double it up as a body washer for its light exfoliating benefits all year around. I notice that the longer you liquid micro peel the better it works so sit on a towel and really give my skin that full work out – it’s worth it ! I have sensitive skin and it is really gentle on me.

Natalie Hawker


I fake tan once a week so scrubbing it off can become such a mission. I was hesitant to spend the money to try this product as most thing don’t usually work how they say they do but I decided to give it a try & it works like magic. I cannot believe how amazing this product is and how easy and stress free it has made my tan nights instead of being in the bath for hours trying to scrub it off I use this and I’m done in just a few minutes. thanks to Brie and her amazing customer service I’m completely stocked up and I cannot recommend this product to all the fake tanners enough❤️

Courtney Smith


“Being a model every brief is different, some days I have to be spray tanned dark and two days later I am required to have my natural more pale skin for a brief. I have had to go to desperate measures to get my tan off for work. When I first tried ANTHEIA it was a lifesaver. I had a three day old thick tan and it removed almost completely the first time, and completely gone after a few repeat processes in stubborn areas. I felt so fresh and new after the micro peel and was on set the next day completely white again and with no redness! It was way faster than all of those years sitting in the bath for hours scrubbing.”

Laura Evans – Professional Model.


“I have used the ANTHEIA tan remover twice now. I can’t believe how the tan glides off my skin. It will forever be my staple because being so white and waiting the time for it to fade looks uneven. It will be so much easier now to be tan and return to my natural skin without embarrassing moments in between.”

Maddy Kane – Professional Model


“I have tried every tan remover known to man, I have also tried scrubbing and soaking for hours. I have to plan events around my tans and trips to the beach because I am self conscious about my pale skin. Now I can be tanned and be completely clean again within minutes. I have the freedom now to look however I like and it fits into my lifestyle.”

Jessie Gray


“I use the step one process to even down my areas that have grabbed to my hands and I use the entire process to remove my tan when it starts to break up.

I can’t live without it now. I look more even and it is the best pre tan prep because I never have build up anymore.”

Alison Stewart – Mother


“Tanning is no longer a post tan nightmare! I’m so pleased to have tried ANTHEIA. The micro peel is so amazing on my skin and my new tan goes on a lot easier.”

Portia Kelly – University Student


“I have actually experienced my tan almost completely come off from step one within minutes. It is such a relief to use something that works. I always follow up with step two to rejuvenate my skin and clean up any extra pigment. My skin feels so smooth afterwards. I can highly recommend this product to anyone that uses fake tan.”

Jessica McDonald – Photographer